Mason Row works directly with motivated vendors and in the distressed property market where often there is a need for alternative solutions for the vendor when traditional sales through an estate agent do not work.

We provide strategic exit strategies and think outside the box by using a variety of options/ legal solutions which are quick, transparent, ethical and most importantly provides a mutually beneficial outcome for all parties.

Below are examples of the deals that we have previously worked on. The majority of our deals are exclusive and off market giving our investors an excellent opportunity to get a higher than normal return on investment.




West Midlands, WS1 4DP

Mr S (Business Consultant)

Paid £58K

Refurb £15k

Sold £102K

Gross Profit £29K


MR Twist:

We sourced the deal, negotiated the terms and also provided financial support to the vendors by assisting them with an initial deposit on a mobile home, to enable them to secure housing.

We managed the full legal process, liased with their mortgage lenders to ensure hassle free completion in a time sensitive manner.




Telford and Wrekin, TF3 1NE

Mr S (Business Consultant)

1 bed flat

Paid £23K

Renovation Circa £7K

Retal £450 pcm

End Value £60K

18% Yield


MR Twist:

After the success of the Walsall property Mr. Singh returned and asked us to source a second project.

This was a complicated transaction as this is a housing trust flat, which came with its own challenges which we managed to overcome by liaising with the trust, both sets of solicitors and the vendor.

We sourced a one bed flat with the potential of adding a second bedroom which the investor took onboard and more than doubled the value of the property, the vendor currently rents this property out achieving a yield of circa 18% ROI.





Mr V (Solicitor)

BMV Discount 15%

Paid £57K

Yield 9.5%

MR Twist:

We were briefed by this professional to source him a buy-to-let property that would be hands off and low maintenance, we managed to source a well presented two bedroom flat giving the investor an above average yield of 9.5%, we further assisted in finding him a tenant and introducing him to one of our reputable mortgage advisors.

The vendors before the sale were in arrears and we liased with their mortgage lenders to stabilise this situation, we tailored the timescale to their needs enabling them to be rehoused by the council.





Mr M (Director of a local property firm)

Paid £70K

Sold £87K in 3 months

profit £13K

 ROI 74%

MR Twist:

The vendor was at risk of losing a property she was purchasing due to a chain break, we assisted by sourcing a cash investor who had the ability to complete the transaction within the timescale of seven days.

This enabled the vendor to purchase her desired property and gave the investor an outstanding return on his investment within three months of the purchase of the property.

Mile Oak

Tamworth, Staffordshire, B78 3NB

Mr S (professional landlord)

Paid £90K

Renovated Circa £7K

Sold £115k

Gross Profit £18k


MR Twist:

The property was renovated for £7k approx and resold the property for circa £115k, we assisted the vendor using our contacts to source an investor that could move quickly and wasn’t reliant on finance.

The buyer was initially struggling to re-sell the property through his own agent and we intervened by introducing him to a reputable local agent who did sell the property in a timely manner.




Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG16 5EG

Director of Mason Row

Saved Repossession

Liased with lenders

Option Agreement £80K

Sold £96.5K

Groos Profit £16.5k

Timescale 16 Weeks


MR Twist:

Saved a pending repossession by mediating between two vendors who were divorced and had cut off all contact. The final sale was achieved by paying off the initial arrears and monthly mortgage and taking over the management of the asset through a power of attorney to stabilize the situation.

We then appointed a local agent to sell the property which they managed to complete within sixteen weeks.